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June 8th, 2020 by Lucas

Commercial Pilots Licence

I am announcing my decision to start my Commercial Pilots licence. I made the decision pre-COVID19, and didn’t want to announce anything until I had a better understanding of how COVID19 would impact on the training.

I do this to add a little self-accountability. I’ll give micro updates as I progress through the training.

Current situation:


Powered: RPL-Aeroplane, RPL-Flight Radio, L6 English Language Proficiency, Tail Wheel Undercarriage, Glider Towing, Class 2 Medical. Total hours: 128.7 (including 76.8 PIC, 2.8 Dual Instrument)

Glider Pilot Certificate- L1 Instructor, Independent Operator, Self Launching Sailplane. Total hours: 236.9 (including 163.5 PIC). I include gliding time, as sailplanes are considered aeroplanes under CASR Part 61.025.

What elements need to be completed:

  • RPL-Controlled Airspace
  • RPL-Controlled Aerodrome
  • RPL-Nav
  • CPL-Nav Theory
  • CPL-Met Theory
  • CPL-Air Law Theory
  • CPL-Aeronautical Knowledge theory
  • CPL-Gen Knowledge theory
  • CPL-Performance Theory
  • CPL-Human Factors theory
  • Flight Test
  • 7.2h Dual Instrument (total 10hrs)
  • 20h Solo nav (including one of 300nm+two stops)

Note some of the above requirements can be combined. For example the RPL-NAV requires minimum of 5hrs solo Nav with a 150nm flight with two stops. 

So as you can see, I’ve got a bit to go. I do meet the 200 hour total time for the non-integrated training (including 100 hour PIC). By the time I’ve done the 20 hour solo navigation flights, I’ll have over 100 hours PIC in powered as well.

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