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May 15th, 2007 by Lucas

It’s not the economy, stoopid

Well, in today’s crikey, Charles Richardson opines that the masses have already chosen Kevin Rudd as the next prime minister in his article titled “Thanks for the Budget, but we’ve already made up our minds”

He proposes that the lack of bounce in the opinion polls shows that the average voter, whilst applicative of the budget, has not influenced their voting intentions.
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July 8th, 2005 by Lucas

London Bombings

I feel sorry for all the victims of the London bombings.

I feel sorry for all the britons that will have to endure even more draconian “security” measures that will do bugger all for security.

Like the new ID card scheme that looks like it will contain your life history on government-run servers (EEK!)

It will be interesting to see what the british government will do over the next six months or so.

Next thing we’ll need papers to do anything.. remind you of anything? USSR style? Nazi style?

And to those fanatics: Terrorism is NOT a part of islam (or christianity, or hinduism, or any mainstream religion for that matter)

July 3rd, 2005 by Lucas

Why I am not an Anarchist

In this article, esr describes the only solution to the problem of instability of a consitiutional democracy (as they exist today here in Australia, the US, and elsewhere) is a complete anarchy (or as he puts it “no government”).

I agree with the statement that the question of good government reduces to “who can be trusted to wield the first use of force wisely and morally?”, but my opinion diverges from that point on.

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November 5th, 2004 by Lucas


Well, America has spoken.

They have elected a terrorist with middle eastern connections.. Or as he is affectionally known here as the Little Shrub. (For those without a sence of humour: George Dublya Bush)

Nice to see the American are just as intelligent in their voting patterns as we Australians. It will be interesting how the Brits vote: It looks like Mr Blair has a challenge on his hands

To use that old quote: “The voters have spoken.. the bastards”

October 13th, 2004 by Lucas

Another Three Years

Oh well, Australia has voted the Howard Government back in for another three years. The politics of fear certanly work here (people tent to vote for the “devil they know” when scared by higher morgages/terrorism/the boogie man).

We did have a chance to rid ourselves of the right-wing little munchkin, but alas, not this time. I think the alternate (the Labour Party) ended up too far to the right themselves on a number of issues, and started to look too much like the Liberals.

My fear is that President Bush will gain a bit of milage from it.. Especially after what I read this morning: minor presidential candidates arested.. Land of the free? Bah! I’m just glad I don’t live in The Amerian Police State (formally known as the USA)