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August 24th, 2004 by Lucas

Not Happy Jan!

After being told nearly two weeks ago that it would cost the earth to a) cancell my ticket from Darwin to Adelaide and b) rebook a flight from Darwin to Brisbane to Adelaide after my deployment, I find out today that they didn’t book the original ticket until today.

So it wouldn’t have been all that expensive (I would have had to pay the Brisbane to Adelaide leg, and not 3 legs worth).



I’ve spoken to the boss, and it would appear that my previous ranting was a little pre-mature. We were booked under a different booking number as “waitlisted” and the new one was “confirmed”. Sarah probably knows the exact difference.

The boss still couldn’t explain the difference in booking numbers.


One Response to “Not Happy Jan!”
  1. Hmm, even if you were waitlisted (meaning standing by until a space becomes available or space control decides to release more seats in that particular booking subclass) Chances are the ticket wasn’t reroutable in the first place, meaning they couldn’t add another segment to your itinerary without having to pay the upgrade into a reroutable booking class. *However* that being said, the usual practice is not to issue a ticket until the seat is confirmed & whoever called to inquire about a rerouting should have been informed about this. It’s bad service on the agent’s behalf & we would have been caned for not advising the passenger, especially since there should be a modicum of flexibility for you guys considering you pay a set discount of the full economy fare…that’s a significant amount of money & corporate rates like that are usually subject to more lenient conditions.

    In regards to your booking number (I’m assuming you mean your PNR – passenger name record – or booking reference) they probably only had you as one way ADL to DRW & your second booking reference is your one way return DRW ADL. If you were waitlisted (HL for all you code freaks out there) the booking could have easily been cancelled.

    Remind me never to work for Qantas, they’re stopping us from eating hot chocolate fudge sundaes.

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