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February 1st, 2005 by Lucas

I think this is summer

This Adelaide weather is confusing. We’re supposed to be two thirds the way through summer, and it’s more like winter. (With 20 deg C and rain tomorrow 🙁 )

Unfortunatly this means Roggie won’t get his walk this afternoon. It should warm up by the weekend, so I can take him for a walk then. I did take him for a walk yesturday:

Taking Roggie for a walk

In other recent news, I received my new car:

Luigi the Lancer

It is a Mitsubishi Lancer VR-X (’05 Model).


2 Responses to “I think this is summer”
  1. Nice Car, I am planning on buying a new lancer vr-x also i wanted an opinion on how well they are..
    i know it only has 92kw but does it feel like its got balls.

  2. It is a great car.. It goes as hard as my old Lancer MR (1.8L two door). It runs on rails too

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