Random Musings
December 26th, 2005 by Lucas

I don’t need to eat..

Seeing as my main blog is offline (the server is currently on its way to Melbourne), I thought it was about time I dropped a few notes on LJ.

Well, after eating much too much yesterday (started eating at about 0900, and didn’t finish until 1500), I won’t need to eat again until sometime tomorrow :-S

I got married last Thursday, went off without a hitch (well, at least one.. the one that was planned 🙂 ).

I’m going to Bundaberg for New Years with friends..

Sarah is cleaning the flat..

Ana is reading her new book.

Australia isn’t doing too bad in the Cricket against South Africa (although we did lose an early wicket).

Michael’s new cat is psycho (keeps wanting to bite everyone, and chases imaginary insects).

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