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December 1st, 2007 by Lucas

Gliding Status Report

Since the last GSR I’ve had 5 flights, 1 solo of 18mins, 2 winch launchs, and two instructional flights.

The instructional flight was interesting as I had my first non-on-purpose spin. Agressive angle of bank, slow thermalling speed, fell out of said thermal with the nose slightly high, slipped alittle, correct with a bit of rudder, and whammo – insta spin. Scared both me and the instructor 🙁

We did some spin trainng after I calmed my nerves down a bit.

I’ve been off with hayfever, so the last three weeks, I haven’t been flying 🙁

Totals: 30h15 (6h44 solo) over 98 (24) flights.

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