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April 13th, 2004 by Lucas

Crickey! The cost of Coopers

I went for a walk today from my brother’s flat in Spring Hill, down into Brisbane. Right up to the other end of the Queen St Mall. On the way back I dropped into Woollies to pick up some groceries, I decided to pick up some beer as well. Much to my exasperation, the price of Coopers Pale Ale was $15.99 (normally about $9.50 in Adelaide).

Oh well, the price you pay for quality. 🙂


2 Responses to “Crickey! The cost of Coopers”
  1. Yolande - your Mum says

    Well, nice to see your website! Sorry about the beer, but at least you CAN buy it here! Next time drive your car up and bring the beer with you! Love you Mum.

  2. Darwin prices as at 24Aug04 is $13.50 a six pack.

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